Maintenance Services

Plumbing Services

We here at Dubai Cleaners do not only clean houses and offices, we also specialize in plumbing services. Repair, maintenance, and replacement can be done by our professional plumbers anytime you need the assistance. We can check water heaters, gas piping, mechanical and process piping, and more. If there are any leaks, we will find and repair them. We also provide installation services, so if you want new pipes or a new faucet put in place, simply give us a call. Do you need to improve your drainage system, toilet flush flow, or your shower? With our help, you don’t have to spend too much time and effort on these concerns.

Electrical Services

When you need a residential or commercial electrician in Dubai, we are ready to assist you. We have a friendly and professional team on standby, ready to utilize their years of experience and solid training to benefit you. Our electricians are also committed to providing only the best work.

We offer a comprehensive set of services to meet your every need. Let us handle all of your wiring systems repair and maintenance requirements. We can also help install new lighting and air-conditioning systems. If you need help with your alarm system, home theater setup, and anything else that requires an electrician, our team will not disappoint. Our Electrical Services Includes the following:

  • Dimmer Switches
  • Replace Circuit Breaker
  • Replace Switch/Outlet
  • Label Electrical Panels
  • Install/Replace Ceiling Fans
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Fault Finding and Repairs
  • Replacing Old or Faulty Fuse Boxes
  • Run Telephone Extensions, Cables
  • Rewiring Projects


Air-condition Maintenance

Is your air-conditioning unit giving you trouble? Perhaps it is producing weird noises or not regulating the temperature properly? Let us help you figure out and then solve the problem. Our team of A/C technicians is available daily at your request. They have years of experience under their belt, and are all professionals and good at what they do.

We will not only help you with repair concerns, we also offer maintenance services to make sure your unit functions excellently for a longer period of time. Not only that, we can also install new air-conditioning units whenever needed. We are here to improve your home’s or office’s air and temperature quality.

Furniture Fixing

Are your furniture looking worn or a little bit broken? Don’t throw them out yet! Our furniture repair and restoration services will breathe new life to those damaged tables, chairs, couches, etc. We have expert technicians on our team who specialize in making home and office furnishings look like new again.

There are many reasons why furniture may be looking shabby after years of use. We firmly believe, however, that stains, dust, and general wear and tear need not be a hurdle to you enjoying great-looking furniture. Whether they are made of wood or upholstered, we can fix and restore them for you.

To book this maintenance service, simply contact us by calling at:


Service Cost: AED100.00

Minimal Duration per Visit


All the variety of our maintenance services is carefully listed here:

Plumbing Services

Electrical Services

Air-condition Maintenance

Furniture Fixing

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