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One of the biggest challenges of running an office is to keep it neat and clean. A well organized and tidy office space creates a lasting impression in the mind of customers and clients. Studies have shown that a well-organized and neatly maintained office can increase the productivity and efficiency and can even boost the morale of employees.

When Dubai Cleaners with you there is no worries about your office cleaning services. Because we provide a customizable Cleaning services according to the timely needs of your business.
This is one of the reasons, why we have gained the reputation among our clients, for providing our guaranteed cleaning services to commercial office spaces in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.
Also Dubai Cleaners have gained the trust among clients because of our professional, reliable, experiences staff and specialized cleaning methods, and overall by providing first rate office cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai at competitive price

We, at Dubai Cleaners, provide the following professional office cleaning servicesat an affordable rate

Office area cleaning: Apart from the regular mopping and cleaning of office floors, we even dust and clean the windows, doors and other furniture in the room.
Washroom cleaning: We clean all the washrooms thoroughly with disinfectants. We scrub and clean the dirt in between the wall and floor tiles and also undertake a thorough cleaning of the bathroom sink.
Carpet cleaning: In the case of carpeted office, we undertake thorough vacuuming to remove the soil and dust in the carpet. Once done, hot water extraction process is undertaken to remove the dirt completely and to make the carpet fresh and clean.
Sofa cleaning: Here a thorough vacuuming is done to remove all dust and soil from the sofa. Spots and stains, if any, are pretreated and then the entire sofa is cleaned using a cleaning agent. Once done, a hot water extraction machine is used to clean the sofa completely and to dry it fast.
Curtain cleaning: If you feel that office cleaning is incomplete without cleaning the curtain and blinds, we undertake a thorough cleaning of them as well. We provide both dry and wet cleaning of the curtain as per the requirement of the client.

If you find daily office cleaningto be a awkward task for want of dedicated cleaning staff, we are here to help you. Just dial our number or send an email, our professional office cleaning services are right in front of your doorstep.

our services Cleaning Services includes:-
• office cleaning
• school cleaning
• hospital or clinic cleaning
• building cleaning
• nursery cleaning or Babysitting Cleaning
• shopping mall and retail store cleaning
• construction cleaning
• carpet cleaning, Sofa Cleaning
• furniture and curtains cleaning
• party and business events cleaning helps
• Glass windows cleaning help
• Many other cleaning services

Why select us

Dubai Cleaners the Best Office Cleaning Company in Dubai

• We give you the competitive price for your quality service requirements
• Respect your company privacy and security
• Guaranteed Cleaning services delivery
• Fully trained, professional and reliable staff
• Flexible timings for your business
• Treat your company and company belongings with care and respect
• Special supports for your party time & Client Meeting time
• Special discounts for regular clients
• Friendly customer service

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Service Cost: AED 40.00

Minimal Duration 2.00 Hours

There's no job too dirty for us, as there's also no area too spacious for us to spruce it up...

 Give us a call or send an email to book our cleaning services for your home or office location!
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See our satisfied customers’ reviews:

Edward Hamilton

– May 10, 2016

Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is not an easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would have dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service!

Mary Beavers

– May 10, 2016

While cleaning an office may sound like a relatively easy endeavor, just imagine a daily cleanup in an open space, where up to 150 people sit at a time… We’re saved only by this cleaning company’s grace!

Lisa Melthory

– May 10, 2016

While I’ve always used to clean up my house pretty thorough, when it came down to renting it out, it turned out the house needed a deep cleaning and urgently. Thanks God there are companies like this for that!

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